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BlueTea invests in the future of education. With the advent of virtual simulations, virtual reality and serious gaming, it has never been this easy to make complicated teaching material accessible. In addition, it is also safe and cost-effective.

For the development process, BlueTea believes in three important aspects that ensure both the development and use of the application are effective and successful. Well-trained developers, the Agile software development method and BlueTea Virtual Studio is our formula for achieving an effective virtual training.


BlueTea has the in-house expertise to deliver tailor-made solutions for all your training needs.


BlueTea uses the Agile software development methodology to create its virtual simulations.


VirtualStudio® offers flexibility by completely separating software development from building your training.

Who is BlueTea?

BlueTea believes that virtual simulations are the future of education. With a virtual training, trainees can focus on an unambiguous, effective and fun way to develop their knowledge, in an accessible and safe environment.

BlueTea foresees a future in which old, boring manuals stay on your book shelve. Traineeships aren’t a necessity anymore and reserving profession-specific training environments are past times. Training is now possible using virtual simulations, in which job instructions are simulated and learned within a living 3D world. This brings the practical situation closer and the theory is more easily understood.

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