What do you do when your electric car breaks down? And how do you tow an EV? BlueTea helps roadside assistance to train effectively using virtual vehicles.

BlueTea has developed a virtual simulation in commission of TTA International, which helps ANWB to train their roadside assistance service on securing electric vehicles. With this training, ANWB takes a progressive step forward in renewing their current certification process

There are currently 130,000 electric vehicles on the Dutch roads. When one of these EVs breaks down, dangerous situations can arise. The high voltage of the built-in battery can rise up to 600V and can even cause fatalities when handled carelessly. Thus different approaches are required when handling such these vehicles.

The ANWB employees will be trained by learning from four different scenarios. This enables them to create a risk analysis and (if possible) secure a broken down EV. These scenarios include:

  1. Securing an EV that has become too hot;
  2. Securing an EV that was involved in a collision;
  3. Securing an EV that has a problem with a stuck cable;
  4. Safety procedures that are required when working on an EV in a workshop.

Four different scenarios enable roadside assistance to help stranded EV motorists.

The first groups (250 employees) have already started using the new virtual training and certification method. In the near future, more ANWB employees will also make use of the game.

In the meantime, the positive reception of the game has led to international attention. Because the application is based on the powerful Virtual Studio toolkit, the translations and content of the game can be easily modified without reinvestment.