The annual Process Safety Congress was held in Dordrecht yesterday. The Dutch exhibition focuses on everything that is related to safety in the process industry. There were of public speakers, like André Kuipers (Astronaut), Hans-Peter Schildberg (BASF) and Dirk Roosendans (Total), that covered topics from building safe installations, to implementing a safe working culture.

BlueTea was also a participant in yesterday’s exhibition and demonstrated SAFY; the interactive safety training that is being developed by BlueTea on behalf of SAFY B.V. The safety game was shown in Virtual Reality, which meant that visitors had a chance to temporarily leave the exhibition floor for a virtual world, designed for as much authenticity as possible.

The demonstration of SAFY was focused on the Lock out, Tag out, Try out (LoToTo) methodology which is a standard in the process industry. It is used to lock the energy supply from industrial equipment, so there can be no risk of reopening it during repair processes.

Using this training, it is possible to understand and learn the entire process in an interactive, fun manner. In addition, potential safety risks are brought to the player’s attention, so they can prevent them in the real world.

BlueTea hopes to increase safety within the process industry this way, and to be able to demonstrate the added value of interactive learning.

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