Last week, BlueTea traveled to France to visit the Laval Virtual fair. The Virtual Reality event was held for the 21st time this year. That may sound surprising to some people, but in reality VR already made a commercial breakthrough in the nineties. Since then, the fair is a hot spot for everything that is related to Virtual Reality. BlueTea visited Laval for a fresh look on the future of the technology.

The event consisted of two parts; a conference and a fair. There were more than 200 public speakers present for the conferences. Some of them were large names, such as Microsoft, who demonstrated the new version of the HoloLens. On the fair, BlueTea became inspired by the practical applications of VR. There was also a smaller space that was dedicated to showing non-traditional VR applications, such as robotics, art galleries and a group of students that research the effectiveness of VR.

Seeing inspiring VR applications and having the possibility to get in touch with companies from the same line of work made Laval Virtual a worthwhile visit.