We are BlueTea

BlueTea foresees a future in which old, boring manuals stay on your book shelve. Traineeships aren’t a necessity anymore and reserving profession-specific training environments are past times. Training is now possible using virtual simulations, in which job instructions are simulated and learned within a living 3D world. This brings the practical situation closer and the theory is more easily understood.

BlueTea believes in learning through mistakes. A virtual environment allows trainees to make critical errors that would produce drastic consequences in the real world. By seeing the results of your actions, the learning effectiveness increases. It also stimulates the player to explore all possibilities.

VirtualStudio® is the heart of our virtual simulations

VirtualStudio® (BTVS) is the innovative content management system from BlueTea, developed to create and edit digital training software and serious games without need of new development within the application. BTVS offers the possibilities to build scenarios using a way of thinking that is similar to visual programming. This means that every step in a scenario is configurable using pre-built ‘Actions’ in BTVS. This way, everybody is able to make their own scenarios without any programming knowledge.

BTVS is also a platform on which the performance of students can be monitored in order to make the effectiveness of the training as great as possible. The online portal gives insight on statistics, which includes effort, progress and the knowledge level of students. This makes it possible to spend extra attention to subjects where the level is too low, or to reward employees for their progress.

Build a training with VirtualStudio® in 4 steps

1. Build the 3D world

Together with BlueTea specialists, a 3D world can be built to your needs and liking. This is the starting point for creating an effective virtual training. At this stage it must be determined which objects are needed for the training and what the world will look like.

2. Determine interactions

The next step is to determine the interactions within the 3D environment. When all interactive objects are synchronized with VirtualStudio®, the lecturer can use and adjust them through 'Actions'.

3. Create the lesson

With the 'Lesson Editor' of VirtualStudio®, lessons can be scripted into organized training scenarios. The content is automatically applied to the virtual world and requires no further programming or publishing.

4. Publish the training

The newly created scenarios are automatically sent to the application and the student can get started right away. Based on the profile and training needs, the user is automatically informed of the new course material. All progress that the student makes is tracked cross-platform.

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