We believe that virtual simulations offer a straightforward, efficient and enjoyable way to improve people’s skills in a safe environment that they can access whenever they like.

A virtual simulation is a tool that simulates work processes in a 3D environment for training purposes. It brings learners a step closer to the real-world situation and gives them a better understanding of the theory behind the practice.

According to Ebbinghaus in the fiirst 20 minutes after a lesson we already lose 42% of the knowledge!

A day after a lesson, we lose 2/3 of all the knowledge that we gathered. This can be improved by the use of smart simulations!

After a week almost 4/5 knowledge is lost, according to Ebbinghaus forgetting curve! Stimulated by gamification, the "forgetting curve" is greatly weakened


If you have any questions or would like more information about using virtual simulations in employee training, don’t hesitate to contact one of the BlueTea team members below.