We sat down with Anamaria Kudrna. She came all the way from Croatia to live and work in The Netherlands as our new Instructional Designer. We asked her to tell us a bit about herself.

“Hi, my name is Anamaria Kudrna. I come from in Croatia and have lived in Poland for a few years, before deciding to move to The Netherlands. I first visited The Netherlands about 2 years ago. When I saw the country, I decided I wanted to move here. Not only because it looked nice, but I also loved what I found out from my research on the economy and culture. My background is an unusual mix of technology and social humanistic studies.  I enjoy both equally but had trouble to combine all of my diverse interests.”

“I got my first full time office job working as a business developer in an IoT company, because I love new technology. After a while I moved on to working at Uber to train incident response teams. This job allowed me to combine teaching, using analytics and tech, but I wanted to focus more on the creative and research aspects. Working in a game development company was always a huge wish of mine, since I really enjoyed playing games along with my big brother, ever since we were small kids. Now that I’m working at BlueTea, I got everything I wanted. A chance to combine teaching, art, design and technology. That’s all I was searching for. I have also done some work in drawing, photography, 3D modelling. For me it has to be fun, and preferably IT related. There is always something new going in IT. You get a chance to see what new possibilities are available to humanity. Being surrounded by people who know more than me about a specific topic is also a big plus.”

Why did you choose to work for BlueTea?

“The reason I chose to work for BlueTea is because I was looking for a job in the Netherlands. But not any kind of job; it had to be something I was going to absolutely love. That’s why I never moved here straight away and worked at Uber first instead. I met great people there and I learned a lot, but eventually, the goal was to go to the Netherlands. I love learning new things and it seemed to me that BlueTea had a lot to offer. The company works with large clients and I have to learn new procedures for each project. They are very diverse and vary from medical projects to working for space agencies. This sounded very interesting to me.”

I also loved the interview process. They really made sure I felt comfortable and after the first Skype interview, they invited me here. They secured accommodation and spent almost an entire day with me. That doesn’t seem like that’s a typical procedure. They really had a human conversation with me, and we talked a lot about what they do at BlueTea. I was also given a specific task to figure out how I think, respond and behave. It’s a much more personal approach.

How do your previous experiences help you at BlueTea?

Every experience brings a lesson. A great example of a skill I got would be that I learned the most about working with people when I was  a portrait photographer. When someone has their first photoshoot, you try to make them laugh and relax because they have to be comfortable to look natural in the photo. When you do it many times you see that most people have the same fears and you learn a procedure that works for many people. This has worked for me in teaching as well. It makes it easier to introduce something new.”

What did you think of your first full week?

In the first week I realized how awesome your product [BlueTea Virtual Studio] is. But it also made me aware of how much I need to learn about it. I knew a lot at my previous company and now I have to start from scratch again. It’s very challenging but also very fun to do. In addition, there were a lot of challenges on the side for me, like moving away from home and learning about a new culture. At BlueTea, everyone was very nice to me and made an effort to speak English. They even changed all communication channels to English. I will definitely try to learn Dutch but it’s challenging for now.”

What are you expecting of the future?

Regarding BlueTea, I would first like to understand the software, tools and ‘toys’ that you use. Once I manage, I can focus more on the creative side of projects. I’m also really excited to work on the new projects that are in the pipeline. I don’t know how long it will take me to get up to speed, but it seems that there’s always something new to do. I don’t really have any long-term plans yet. In my free time I would like to focus more on behavioural economy, that will help me put some interesting twists to the games.”

Thank you Anamaria! We hope you will enjoy living in The Netherlands and have an exciting career at BlueTea.