Jorian Vink, Software EngineerOn May 1st, BlueTea welcomed its new employee Jorian Vink. He will strengthen our (Blue)team as a Unity3D developer with his passion for software development and knowledge of e-learning applications. BlueTea asked Jorian to tell a bit about himself:

Welcome Jorian! Could you tell us something about yourself?

“My name is Jorian Vink. I’m 35 years old and come from Woudrichem. After finishing the education ‘Informatics, Gaming & Simulation’, I worked in software development for eleven years.  I love to spend my weekends doing sports. Specifically, walking in nature or going to the sports club. I have just finished moving to Maastricht for my new job at BlueTea.”

What kind of work did you do before working at BlueTea?

“My first employer was Scientafix. At this Woudrichem-based company I’ve had several roles within the e-learning sector, with Nokia being one of the most important customers. When I just started working, I helped to implement new training courses into the e-learning systems of Scientafix. This was done using HTML, JavaScript and, back then, ActionScript. Later I focused more on consultancy and support roles.”

“After a couple of years, I started working at Mandemakers Group, where I’ve worked for nine years. In this company I have also explored a lot of different roles. I ended up being responsible for the websites that the company built on Typo3. From this position, I also supported project managers with technical advise and assisted in both internal and external programming projects.”

Why did you choose to work for BlueTea?

“My heart still beat faster when at the thought of working in the gaming industry. At Mandemakers I worked for very large companies within the home furnishing industry, even though my real passion was at gaming and simulation. I especially noticed this while working on home projects in Unity and XNA. When I left school, there weren’t a lot of jobs within that line of work. In the meantime, a lot of Unity companies are starting to emerge, which made it easier to go for a new job within the gaming industry.”

“When my girlfriend moved to Maastricht for her studies, I wanted to follow her to the south of The Netherlands. This meant searching for a new job. When I found BlueTea, I immediately knew that it had the right combination of e-learning and Unity. Without scheduling an official job interview, I visited BlueTea for an introductory meeting. There was a very good feeling for both sides, which made my choice easy to make.”

How do your previous experiences help you at BlueTea?

“I was already familiar with a number of processes that are being used at BlueTea, like using Git, Jira, Confluence and the different types of programming styles. I’ve seen a lot of different programming styles at my previous employers, which allowed me to adjust to BlueTea easily. There is a very social working atmosphere and a lot of attention for my progress. This makes it very easy to internalize the new information at my own speed.”

What did you think of your first full week?

“To be honest, it feels like I’ve been here or a couple of months. The feeling is just right. My expectation were very high, because I was looking for a new challenge and felt like I needed something fresh. I do feel like I have to start over from the start with a lot of things, but it felt great when I completed my first ‘tickets’ in the first week. It really feels like moving forward.”

What are you expecting of the future?
“I want to build awesome games of course! I’m sure that that will happen very soon, but my first real targets are to get the Unity Developer certificate and to improve at C#. After that, we’ll see!”

Jorian, thank you for your time and we wish you a fun and successful career at BlueTea.