The education system is constantly looking for ways to improve and has a great interest in following recent developments. This is also apparent from the invitation BlueTea received from regional education center Leeuwenborgh. We visited the education café on the 11th of April, to demonstrate the learning methods of the future to an audience of employees. During this workshop, the audience experienced the benefits of learning with Virtual Reality for themselves.

The workshop started with a presentation by our CEO Ruud Dullens, who talked about the possibilities of Virtual Reality and the positive effects it can have when using VR to learn new information. Ruud also zoomed in on the best methods to incorporate VR within the education system and explained how to use the medium effectively.

After the presentation, the attendees could experience Virtual Reality for themselves. Straight after, they already started brainstorming about the possibilities that VR could bring to their faculty. BlueTea is happy to see the results of the workshop and the new possibilities that have become visible for the education center.