BlueTea believes that three aspects are critical to ensuring the effective and successful development and use of applications for virtual simulation: expertly trained developers, Agile software development and BlueTea’s own Virtual Studio. When it comes to creating a virtual simulation, these three are a perfect match.

Projects that get progressive results

Our expertly trained software developers know how to create an authentic virtual simulation that meets your training needs. They also update their skills regularly and keep up with the latest advances in virtual simulation programming.

Software Development method

We use the Agile SCRUM process to develop virtual simulations. SCRUM development consists of small iterations and close collaboration with the client. Using SCRUM, we build a virtual simulation step-by-step and can easily make changes or incorporate new wishes during the development process.

Training Portal VirtualStudio®

VirtualStudio® is an online portal where you can store virtual simulations. Its unique set of functionalities means you can develop and modify your own virtual simulations. The simulation and the learning content are two separate units that can be linked and unlinked. That way it takes only a moment to create a new training environment or alter an existing one.