On December 19th, a full Effenaar witnessed an exclusive preview of the future of safety training.

The mini symposium was opened by our CEO Ruud Dullens. In his presentation he demonstrated how BlueTea utilizes the most recent advances in virtual simulations in the development of SAFY.

BlueTea CEO Ruud Dullens demonstrates SAFY during an exclusive preview.

Next up was guest speaker Tycho De Back (Tilburg University), who conducts a research study for his PhD degree on knowledge retention when using Virtual/Mixed Reality. His research shows that Virtual Reality can achieve a higher knowledge transfer than conventional learning methods. Tilburg University shows further interest in SAFY by continuing the research project with two PhD students. A selected group of users will be followed to analyze the learning effects of SAFY using a scientific approach.

“With Virtual Reality, the experience becomes a lot more realistic than when I’m doing the same task on a monitor. We are sure that it creates a higher level of motivation. That’s something we’ve seen in the results of previous studies. “

Tycho De Back (PhD-student Tilburg University)

The afternoon was continued by Remon Veraart (Co-Founder SAFY). In the past, he has been responsible for the safety of his employees at Royal MOSA and Trespa. During his presentation he explains how he uses this experience at SAFY to train its users on the real pain points. Remon addresses that there is not enough attention for prevention. SAFY tries to tend to this need and makes it possible to train safe behavior in a risk-free way.

“Remon Veraart showed the future today. Virtual Reality gives you an enormous amount of possibilities to train awareness and behavior. The most important part is that you can practice in reality.”

-Jan Zuidam (Former board member DSM)

“I think the military is always interested in new technology and developments when talking about training facilities. There are a lot of people that have to be trained. Always.”

-Ed Evers (General-Major Dutch military)

Ruud Dullens ended the presentation program with an exclusive live demonstration of SAFY. The audience then received the opportunity to try out the game for themselves. There were several laptops on which the safety simulation could be played. It was also possible to try out Virtual Reality on one of the four VR stations.

A recap of the exclusive preview

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