The Digital Innovation Centre (DICE), part of Tata Steel, is looking for an innovative solution to improve safety awareness. BlueTea jumps in!

Technologies such as Virtual Reality promise a myriad of new possibilities for existing industries. The Digital Innovation Centre, which is part of steel producer Tata Steel, is eager to explore what Virtual Reality can do for them.

After a previous ‘experience session’, DICE entered into a collaboration with BlueTea. This has resulted in a demonstrator which DICE wants to use to bring safety awareness in office environments under attention.

Having a bad posture behind the desk is an often overlooked risk.

The production contains a complete office environment which users can explore in Virtual Reality. The virtual office makes it possible to make office employees aware of potential safety risks, such as insufficient lighting, cables laying across the walkway and climbing stairs without holding on to the railing.

Although the project is not considered to be a full product yet, the demonstrator helps DICE to gain support from Tata Steel by demonstrating the effectiveness of new innovations.