Last week the Limburgish Institute for Development and Finance (LIOF) organized a two day bus trip to the Hannover Messe. BlueTea took part and visited the technology fair, that was entirely devoted to Industry 4.0. Companies from all over the world showed the newest innovations to make the next industrial revolution a reality.

One of the highlights of the fair involved a preview of the upcoming 5g network, which is currently in production by Ericsson for the European market. The new network technology can process an incredible amount information per second and offers new possibilities for a large number of futuristic applications, like new developments for the ‘internet of things’ and self driving cars.

The second day of the trip continued in Münster. A visit to the Digi Hub resulted in a fresh look on implementing Industry 4.0 into existing corporations. The presence of the NRW bank, the German version of the LIOF for Nordrhein-Westfalen, resulted in a mix of German and Dutch companies.

BlueTea views these two days as a very interesting experience and thought the locations were excellent for networking purposes.